Amotekun And Indecent Dressing – Amitolu Shittu denies statement

RE: Amotekun Won’t Tolerate Indecent Dressing, Abuse Of Language – Commander

My attention has been drawn to a damaging but hatchet report credited to Independent Newspapers that myself, Jagunmolu Amitolu Shittu and the field commandant of Amotekun Corps Osun when our full operation commenced will not tolerates indecent dressing and bastardization of Yoruba language at the empowerment program organised by Hon. L. B Ayeni .

Ordinarily, I would have ignored the report, but for the image of Amotekun Corps and the effort of the success story since the inauguration of Amotekun, I must set the record straight for posterity sake.

As a leading human rights activist with over 30years record in human rights and democratic movement, I can never lead a security organization that will violates human dignity in.defence of our people.

Moreover, as a man whose conviction on.rule of law is unquestionable, I can not willfully violate the extant law and guideline that created the Amotekun corps with its mandates clearly stated in the Amotekun Law as passed by Osun State House of Assembly.

And finally as a well travelled human rights crusader that have transverses all the continent of the world in pursuit of human rights can not reduced a security mission to protect our state to a petty approach to indecent dressing.

I therefore will like to state clearly that the report was not only misleading, but a failed attempt to give Amotekun a bad name in.the face of our people. I never said that, I won’t ever say such and I seek all genuine patriot to support Amotekun Corp for a secured region as security by all will act as a shield for all.

Jagunmolu Amitolu Shittu
Field Commander,
Amotekun Corps Osun
4th December 2020

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