Crystal Palace F.C. to feed NHS staff, families and the vulnerable in South London

Crystal Palace Football Club has announced a new initiative that will see the club chefs creating over 900 healthy meals a week for frontline NHS staff, families and vulnerable people in South London.

According to official statement of the club, the project is to be entirely funded the club and individual shareholders.

At part of the project plan, the “club chefs will be preparing and packaging up to 900 nutritious and nourishing meals a week in the kitchens at Selhurst Park, following the strictest hygiene and social distancing measures, which are then collected each day and distributed by charity organisation City Harvest.”

They also outlined the beneficiaries to include:

Frontline workers. NHS doctors, nurses and other staff are working relentlessly to save lives in this pandemic to eat whilst on breaks or when home after long shifts.

Elderly and vulnerable people forced to stay at home. Meals will be delivered to new and existing emergency aid organisations in the area to distribute accordingly.

Families facing food poverty. Meals are distributed to various local charities who will put food on the tables of hard-pressed families who need it most.

Homeless people. Many rough sleepers have been put in hotels and hostels around London, with no cooking or food storage facilities. City Harvest will distribute the club’s meals to partners running temporary hostels to ensure guests have regular meals.

On how long the project will last, the club said ” the service will continue for as long as possible and practical during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Crystal Palace FC was sitting at11 position in the EPL table before the suspension of the league due to increasing cases of COVID-19.

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