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There have been many diverse opinions on the fate of Disc Jockey DJ Switch since her famous Instagram Live Streaming of the Lekki Toll Gate killings of EndSARS Protesters.

The following is the opinion of veteran writer Olóyè @oloye__ on probable move of the Federal Government in tracking DJ Switch.


Someone said DSS is looking for DJ Switch and another person said she’s in Canada where she cannot be reached and safe.

Well, think again!

Let me tell you about the Dikko Affair.

Nigeria’s first foreign sanctioned kidnapping under then Head of state Gen. Muhammadu Buhari.

Umaru Dikko was a transportation minister who served under the Shehu Shagari civilian government. In 1983, General Muhammadu Buhari led a military coup which took power from the then civilian administration. After 2 days in office, he issued a list of all people to be arrested.

People who had served under the Shagari government and Umaru Dikko was on the list. Umaru Dikko quickly, like DJ Switch escaped abroad to the UK. But Buhari will not be denied his vendetta. He quickly put in place an action led by the SSS (state security service) in collaboration with Israeli Mossad.

Isreal needed Nigeria’s oil and needed Nigeria to keep buying its weapon so it collaborated in the planned action to kidnap Dikko from the UK where he was on exile. The task was simple or so they thought. Kidnap Dikko in the UK and bring him back to Nigeria to answer for his crimes which was alleged to be corruption and syphoning of public funds. The fact that Dikko had already self exiled to the UK was just a little inconvenience as far as Buhari was concerned. Bring him back was the word.

The Mossad and the Nigerian SSS infiltrated the expat community in London where Dikko was suspected to be. They couldn’t find him. But they kept looking and one day, luck shined on them, one of the agents spotted Dikko and trailed him to his home.

First success.

Locating him was one thing but bringing him back to Nigeria without approval of the British government was another since Nigeria had decided not to file an extradition process. They brought in an Israeli doctor, his job was to drug Dikko but make sure he didn’t die while in transit.

Buhari sent a Nigerian Airways Boeing 707 to the UK. It was empty except for the security men in it. The pilot was instructed to say he had come to transport back a “diplomatic package,” and informed the British authorities as such.

Next action!

An operative of the SSS grabbed Dikko in front of his home into a bus driven by a Yusufu. He was drugged unconscious and stashed into a crate. Other crates were stashed with some of the people who came to carry out the operation. But in Buhari’s infinite incompetence, they had made a mistake. The crates were not marked as “diplomatic package,” and proper documentation to ensure that the cargo could not be searched were not done. Since the personal assistant of Dikko had witnessed the kidnapping and had alerted authorities.

They were on high alert.

The crates were opened while going through airport security. The only thing that could have kept that from happening was not done. Diplomatic documents were not filed. Seventeen men who had been involved in the operation were arrested that day and Dikko was set free.

This led the UK to severing diplomatic relations with Nigeria for some time. They also rejected a formal extradition process which Nigeria filed later.

So when you think about DJ Switch, you have to remember the same Buhari is president today and he will not be denied his vendetta.

They knew she was on assylum in Canada but have still decided to find her. I guess it’s a case of a leopard not being able to change its spot.

Once a kidnapper in chief, always a kidnapper in chief.

Olóyè writing to you from the #CouncilofChiefs

What do you think?

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