France’s president Macron arrives Beirut following deadly blast

President Emmanuel Macron of France has arrived in Beirut to express support for Lebanon in the wake of a massive explosion that tore through the capital few days ago.

Before the blast, Lebanon, which was already reeling from a severe factional and economic crisis, which calls for international support.

Official report puts the death toll from the explosion killing at least 157 persons, with injuring of 5,000 more as at last count.

In the meantime, rescue operations continue as members of the Lebanese Red Cross, armed forces and volunteers search for people listed missing under the rubble in areas near the port.

Investigators in Lebanon are presently probing the deadly blast with main focus on every possible negligence in the storage of tonnes of a highly explosive fertiliser in a waterfront warehouse, while the government ordered the house arrest of several port officials. The government has also declared a two-week state of emergency in the capital and handed control of security in the city to the military.

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