Imam Tawhidi calls for shut down of Chinese embassies worldwide

Imam Tawhidi popularly known as Imam of Peace has called for the shutdown of Chinese embassies worldwide.

In series of tweets, Imam Tawhidi also compare China to ISIS. According to Tawhidi;

“What do China and ISIS have in common? They both destroy Churches.

“When China placed 1-2 million Muslims in “re-education camps” where men are tortured and women are raped, our leaders did nothing. Now, they’re targeting Christianity. They’ve removed 2000+ crosses from churches as part of a Gov. campaign to regulate “excessive religious sites”.

He further tweeted;

“China is destroying Churches and bringing down the Cross. Just like ISIS. They are corrupt to the bone and it’s time our leaders grew a spine and drew the line for China. Corrupt China must free the 1-2 million innocent Muslims from camps, and let Christians worship freely.

“If China is shutting down Mosques, Churches and Synagogues because it wants to “regulate ideology and activities”, perhaps our governments should shut down Chinese embassies to regulate their “ideology and activities” too.”

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