SERAP writes UN Human Rights Council over Southern Kaduna Killings

The Socio – Economic Rights And Accountability Project (SERAP) has written to the United Nations Human Rights Council, urging the her to establish a Commission of Inquiry, or similar mechanism, for Southern Kaduna.

In the letter made available to the Press, SERAP noted that both the Nigeria Government and the Kaduna State government have apparently been unwilling or unable to stop reported killings and crimes against humanity in Southern Kaduna.

According reports, SERAP noted, there have been fresh attacks on Apiashyim, Kibori, Atakmawei, Apyiako, and Magamiya villages. Over 184 persons were reportedly killed by militant herdsmen between January 1 and August 5. Over 76 persons were reportedly kidnapped, and more than 9,000 displaced.

SERAP further urge all members of the UN Human Rights Council including of the ECOWAS, SADC, African Union and European Union to support the establishment of a Commission of Inquiry, or similar mechanism, for Southern Kaduna as a matter of urgency.

SERAP also urge members to support and call for an Extra-Ordinary Session of the UN Human Rights Council to make this happen, for the sake of the victims of killings and crimes against humanity in Southern Kaduna.

This would go a long in addressing a consistent deterioration in the human rights and humanitarian situation, and bring an end to the cycle of impunity in Southern Kaduna.

In addition, SERAP said, the proposed commission should document violations and abuses, identify those suspected to be responsible, preserve evidence for use in future criminal proceedings, including in the International Criminal Court and publicly report on the human rights situation in Southern Kaduna.

“The lack of accountability for the killings in Southern Kaduna has continued to embolden perpetrators, who commit violations and abuses with impunity,” SERAP concluded.

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