The Sachets branding in Nigeria

In the past, people tend to associate items on sachet bags as being of low quality and/or for the poor. That was the era were Tolivitta and the likes came to the Nigerian market, which was later followed by Cowbell products, etc.

With various brands noticing the huge success/profits items on sachets make in the Market, many have I today introduced sachets into their products.

Today, aside numerous products to mention, these recently items is worthy of mention, since no one ever thought of such products going into sachet branding. Among such items are;

  • Sachet Dettol
  • Sachet Baileys
  • Sachet Hollandia
  • Sachet Morning fresh, etc.

Could this be a sign of the purchasing power of Nigerians or just competition from the various brand?

What do you think?

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