Those who mock people who deliver through CS are witches and murderers – Doctor Wales’ on CS mentality in Africa

As the debate in many religious organisations/some cultures on Cesarean Section (CS) goes on, social media activists, Doctor Wales, has lambasted attitudes of some Africans in seeing CS as not of God.

According to Doctor Wales @olawalesmd, who was responding to a question by Ablebae @Dlaureate which says;

“Please is CS a bad thing?? Why do people feel the need to give it as a testimony that they didn’t use CS?”

He said;

“Lemme say this again, there are two forms of Normal Delivery known to man, there’s Vaginal Delivery, and there is Cesarean Section. Each of them have their indications. Women who ought to deliver through CS and refuse are the reason for high maternal deaths in Nigeria.

“I mean how can you have an Obstructed Labor due to an Inadequate Pelvis and you expect to push your baby through a bony obstacle? Howwwwwww? You want to kill yourself? Or you want to risk a Vaginal Delivery with Severe Preeclampsia/ Imminent Eclampsia? Ọmọ!

“Just few weeks ago I had a Vaginal Delivery that despite Episiotomy, the woman still sustained massive tears from her Vagina down to her anus and almost bled to death. Many women are literally willing to die on this hill of “I’m a Hebrew Woman, I must push my baby”, and they DIE.

“The essence of Antenatal Care is to determine what type of Delivery will be the safest option for you as a woman to be alive to care for your Baby. Wisdom is profitable to direct. Pregnancy is not supposed to be a death sentence.

“A Hebrew Woman is the woman who goes into the delivery room and comes out successfully with her baby, regardless of how it was achieved. And for those of you who mock people who deliver through CS, you’re either a witch, or a potential murderer. Yes, that is what you are.

“How can you even just decide to mock a woman’s birth experience? Were you in the labor room to know what complications she encountered, do you know how she felt? Are you her Doctor? You just chose to stigmatize her experience because it’s CS. This is tier 1 gutter behavior!”

What do you think?

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