UK Government to empower Police to stop and search knife criminals

The United Kingdom authority has outlined plans to give the Police power to stop and search knife criminals. In a statement by the government, the personalised stop and search powers will be targeted at known knife criminals under plans outlined by the Government today (Monday 14 September).

Part of the statement reads;

“Serious Violence Reduction Orders (SVROs) are designed to ensure repeat offenders are more likely to be caught and put in prison.

“SVROs could apply to individuals previously convicted of carrying a knife or an offensive weapon, including those who have received non-custodial sentences such as community orders or suspended sentences.

“The orders would be imposed by a court, which could also decide on the exact length of the order.

“Police could then stop and search those who are subject to an SVRO to check if they are unlawfully carrying a knife or offensive weapon again.

“If caught and convicted a second time, offenders could then expect to receive a custodial sentence under the existing ‘two strikes’ legislation brought in by the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015. 

“The new orders, which build on existing stop and search powers, will help the police to better target the small minority of persistent offenders who repeatedly flout the law.

“The proportion of offenders who have already committed one or more previous knife and offensive weapons possession offences has risen from 20% in the year ending March 2010 to 29% in year ending March 2020.”

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